Naming your company or a new product is hard.  Real Hard.   If your own names don’t pass this 12-Point Name Evaluation test developed brand name expert Alexandra Watkins,:  you definitely may want to hire a naming firm.  At the very least consider testing the names you come up with against The SMILE & SCRATCH Test.   Our favorite firm is  Eat My Words

The SMILE & SCRATCH Test by Alexandra Watkins

SMILE (the qualities of a winning name)
Suggestive – suggests a positive brand experience
Meaningful – resonates with your target
Imagery – visually evocative, creates a picture in your head
Legs – lends itself to a theme for extended mileage
Emotional – moves people

SCRATCH (scratch it if it has any of these deal-breakers)
Spelling-challenged – isn’t spelled how it sounds
Copycat – similar to competitor’s name(s)
Restrictive- locks you in, limits future growth
Annoying – indecipherable, forced, cutesy
Tame – non-emotional and flat
Curse of Knowledge – only insiders get it
Hard-to-pronounce – not obvious, relies on punctuation