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StartUp-Miami is a underwriter of all MICE initiatives.

It’s time for the entrepreneurial community to come together and create a magnet of community engagement.  We are looking for leaders.   True Entrepreneurs-  Startup assisting Startups – Entrepreneur assisting Entrepreneurs.
We’d like your involvement to learn more vist www.305StartUp.Org.  or call 305-StartUp.  Register here to stay informed 
Miami Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs, Inc., (MICE) is: A non-profit 503(c) business community collaboration center.   This central hub is for entrepreneurs and investors to co-work, network and collaborate in Downtown Miami.
Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to create sustainable, high-paying, clean technology jobs that contribute to economic development by attracting talent and creating collaborative partnerships and networks that foster innovation and growth.
StartUp-Miami is a financial supporter and underwriter of all MICE initiatives.
Mice Underwriting

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