Smart Entry Program (SEP)™

The Smart Entry Program (SEP) ™ takes the uncertainty out of entering emerging markets and mitigates the business risk of coming to America. By breaking down the barriers to entry.  The (SEP) ™ program is designed to reduce your operational and strategic risks; while improving your overall investment opportunity of expanding into the global markets.  Book a confidential SEP ™ conversation.

Assistance that we can provide as needed:

  • Remote offices
  • Local 24 hour telephone answering
  • English business development
  • Global mobility assistance
  • Intellectual property protection assistance
  • Assistance in meeting government regulations
  • Assistance with import/export laws
  • Translation services
  • Language training

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We can create a new local enterprise entity, take care of all governmental licensing and regulations and talent sourcing. This offers partners less financial risk, improved returns and a distinctive speed-to-market advantage.  Upon completion of our due diligence and the final execution of all legal paperwork we then perform all aspects of business development and become your  “boots on the ground” in the chosen markets. 

We work with our clients to build their businesses beach head here in America as principled partners.  The 4 Elements of a successful Beachhead Strategy.  

Your early-stage invasion of the foreign market even with an established product from your country, can be disastrous. 

  • Go too broad, and you risk killing product sales through a lack of differentiation. 
  • Go too narrow, and you won’t have the influence to make your sales and profit numbers.  
  • What is needed is a beachhead strategy: a smart entry program in a defined niche, where you can test the market acceptance and then expand, and conquer.
  • Using local management teams and resources we the go about implementing the agreed upon operating model.  This offers both partners less financial risk, improved returns and a distinctive speed-to-market advantage.

Our consultants and project managers use a proven framework to analyze and evaluate each business opportunity.  The framework guides our due diligence process, refines our strategic thinking, teases out threats and identifies business opportunities frequently missed by less rigorous approaches.  Our client engagement process ensures all critical and pertinent questions needed to satisfy even the most cautious board members are addressed thoroughly.  

Rather than simply acting as your strategists, or a consultant we look to become your principled partner and work together to expand your business into the American, Canadian, and South American markets.

For your key employees you expect to transfer to America or the new market we can can be engaged to provide these services using our vetted affilates. 

  • Cultural training
  • Immigration & visa assistance
  • Assistance in obtaining business and driver’s licenses
  • Housing assistance

Ancillary benefits of our Soft Landing program

  • We perform independent validation’s of the business opportunity
  • We ensure all projects have investment grade business plans
  • We provide rapid go to market incubation where internal venture creation would take too long
  • Improved Innovation mind set for existing corporate stakeholders

A Bridge to EB-5 Success with Citi® Agency & Trust’s escrow services

  • Bridge Financing provides key access to capital to keep your projects funded and on track for success
  •  Citi® Agency & Trust’s escrow services safeguard investor funds until they are eligible for release to the project
  •  Citi offers clients innovative EB-5 Bridge Financing and Escrow capabilities to support your EB-5 needs

Book a confidential SEP ™ conversation.

Best Regards,

James “Jim” Rohrbach 
Office: 305-Start Up ( 305-782-7887)

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