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Demo Day!

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Refresh Miami | Demo Day!

8-28-2014 at 6:00 pm t0 9:00 pm


In no specific order.

Waleteros (Website)
Waleteros enables underbanked and unbanked consumers to cash checks, pay bills, send money internationally and receive small loans using their mobile phones. Anywhere, anytime.

Accredify (Website)
The methods for verifying investors are still archaic at best. Accredify allows investor to leverage a single sign-on universal verification system.

Fine (Website)
Redefining brand loyalty. If you like a certain shop, and you visit it a lot, shouldn’t you be rewarded for your loyalty? We think so, too! Now, you can use FiNe to get discounts every time you shop at the stores you know and love.

Fish Indie (Website)
Fish Indie is a brand new subscription-based ad network designed to spotlight your Etsy products,on your favorite blogs.

Glip (Website)
Plan, share, & organize work in real-time. Glip is modern business messaging with built-in productivity tools.

Marquee (Website)
We overthink publishing systems so you don’t have to. Marquee powers the platform and tools you need to design and develop the perfect content solution for your brand.

Wave Interactions (Website)
Wave is a mobile, real-time gaming platform that brings together people to their favorite icons and brands by adding multiplayer features to games.

Hello Show (Website)
Hello Show is an automated appointment scheduling tool and messaging platform for real estate agents and their clients.

CanUStart (Website)
CanUStart solves the problem of hiring urgency. Our system pre-qualifies applicants applicants for more immediate hiring decisions.

Kloset Karma (Website)
Fashion Exchange Social Marketplace mobile app that uses points as the currency, and allows users to exchange clothing pieces for points they can use to get brand new outfits within their social circles and communities without the need to spend money by extending the life cycle of clothing items and fashion accessories.

August 28, 2014

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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