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How to Increase Business Value

Programs to Increase Business Value

We help companies prepare to raise capital. This might be as early as a seed capital round or as late as mezzanine financing. Activities include ensuring that the business model hangs together, the financials can be well-defended, and the strategy is bullet-proof. We will also help write and rehearse the investor presentation and arrange meetings with targeted venture capital firms or private investors.

Strategic Alliances
We have extensive market development experience which allows us to put together high-level significant relationships with other major players. This can take the form of facilitating an introduction to negotiating a large agreement.

Building Effective Teams

Building effective teams that work is a challenge for most organizations. Different styles and preferences provide the dynamic that allows an effective team to produce results beyond the competencies of any individual member. However these same dynamics can produce arguments, discord and ineffectiveness.

• Advisory Board Development
• Board of Directors Development
• Business Coaching
• Executive Team Recruiting
• Interim Executive Services

In order to create a high performance team, individual team members must understand and accept their unique styles as well as the unique styles of their teammates and must live in a “conversation” that creates excellence, naturally.

Our advisors are able to facilitate team learning processes that insure effective team action and well being.  We facilitate team-building processes that insure that your team produces the results you are looking for.  We create “conversations” designed to invent new actions and breakthrough results with individual ownership.


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