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StartUp-Miami Application for Funding

StartUp-Miami uses a progressive business methodology called (AIM™) Accelerate – Incubate – Mentor to Apply for the AIM Program

All applications are confidential and no data or business methods will be shared with any one outside of the due diligence committee.

To get started, just click  To apply for the (AIM™)  program Click Here

Within four business days, we will notify you of our interest. If you have additional questions, please call 305-Start Up.  Do not include any confidential information in your summary at this stage.

We assist clients in building out their management team, raising capital, and forming strategic alliances by coaching entrepreneurs and management teams through the due diligence and fund raising stages. We prepare executives for investor and media presentations.

Business Plan Document

We will work with you to author a compelling, comprehensive business plan that will articulate the strength of your concept, and the vision of your business model in the language and the format that investors want to see.

Introduction Services

We will research the Venture Capital World, identify suitable investors, and arrange meetings.

Investors’ Presentation

We will work with you to author and prepare a dynamic presentation that brings life to your business concept.  We also coach and train you to present effectively, in both group and one to one settings.

Financial Models

We will thoroughly examine the economics of your business and produce a detailed financial model, including projected income statements, balance sheets and cash flows. This will enable you to project the exact magnitude and timing of your cash needs.

Web Development

We will design a temporary web Site to convey to investors the essence of your strategy. This allows for visual marketing of your company to investors and press.


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