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Founder and team alignment

If you are striving for true exponential growth and want accelerated success then this is the program is for you.


  • Less expensive then another pivot
  • Team alignment improves results
  • Business Development and Marketing Assistance
  • Fresh Perspectives and Well-Examined Decisions
  • Personal Growth
  • Cutting-Edge Information
  • Fewer Mistakes
  • Found Opportunities
  • Introductions to VC’s Introductions
  • Introductions to strategic partnership opportunities

We work to improve your company culture, and trust and clarify the founders vision. This prepares the company for exponential growth.

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  • Team work conflict and mistrust
  • Building a talented and motivated team
  • Bringing on a good management team
  • Putting stable and efficient processes in place
  • Raising finance
  • Acquiring new clients
  • Conducting market research
  • Customer Retention:
  • Expertise and Mentorship
  • Poor Sales Traction
  • Poor customer Validation
  • Leads to Expensive
  • Poor Lead quality
  • No Sales Funnel Management
  • No Idea of the cost per lead
  • Recovery from sales plan failure

How much does this cost?

$2950.00 monthly – for up to 4 of your team members includes up to two skype sessions per week per individual participants and one team meeting per month per client company.

Your facilitator/business coach meets individually with each team member for two hours once a month to help explore problems, issues and opportunities in greater depth.  In essence, the facilitator/business coach serves as a mentor and coach, confidant and personal advisor, and holds members accountable for plans and actions needed to move their companies forward. 

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Your  High-Performance Group will be facilitated by Serial Entrepreneur who is also highly trained and certified as a business coach who ensures that the group functions smoothly.  Our experts present fresh perspectives and new ideas that help members solve problems, explore new opportunities and implement positive change in their companies.  In highly confidential sessions, members exchange ideas and information, share their experience and expertise, and help each other tackle the challenges and opportunities of running their businesses.

Why do companies join?

  • For impartial, objective feedback from experienced advisors
  • To increase their competitive advantage
  • To reduce the level of risk in making business decisions
  • To reduce leadership conflict and improve collaboration 
  • To maximize business opportunities and the chances for success
  • To enhance personal and professional leadership development

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