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Let Startup-Miami be your  trusted strategic partner in the Miami/USA market.  Garner the huge revenue potential of such a market without having to incur all the costs (both in terms of money and time) associated with a full-fledged entry into the US Market.

1. Start up Miami will provide the benefits of a US legal entity.

2. Provide all business administration.

3. Provide all marketing and sales expenses.

4. We will handle all US contract negotiations.

5. Pay US taxes and US expenses.

6. We cover a benefits and insurance costs for US operations.

General benefit of our Soft Landing Program

• Satellite office space with flexible short term lease

• Connections with the  Florida business community

• Access to a network of training and meeting rooms

• Access to a PR Bureau for Press Release creation and distribution

• Domestic market research through Florida Venture Labs

• Access to experts concerning import/export laws and regulations

• Cultural training

• Connections to top Florida University’s

• Sales and business development assistance