When you see a gap between where you are today and where you want to be, it’s time, to hire a professional coach.

When dealing with challenges regardless of their domain: business results, personal growth, or wealth accumulation – it doesn’t matter.

Going it alone doesn’t work as well as having the support and guidance of a professional coach.   Since it’s essentially impossible to explain how coaching works.  We think a free coaching session is the best way to experience first-hand, the value you’d get from coaching.

You’ll just have to experience it.  Our first coaching session is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and is intended to verify that we are a great fit to work together.

Coaching clients to experience transformation in their personal and business life is my Raison d’être.  Confidentiality, privacy and 100 % Discretion is stipulated when engaging in coaching or consulting sessions.

Business owners often report to no one, this creates a lack of accountability and increased risk of sycophant behavior.  I will hold you accountable and responsible for creating the life you say is most important to you.  Deep change is hard work.  You must be willing to break out of your comfort zone.

As a candidate for coaching, you’re more likely to get great results if you’re passionate about learning, open to change, willing to be accountable and excited about where you can grow.

My coaching methodologies will generate a culture of accountability, alignment and improved communications.  Especially with those people that are crucial to your success and fulfillment.  Importantly, many clients are on track to achieve their three-year goals in one year.

After spending 25 years working with and around entrepreneurs what I’ve learned is CEOs, Founders, and Investors want ideas and tools that can be implemented quickly to improve business results. With a positive ROI.

It is my commitment to you that we will develop a Program that delivers Results at a level of Investment that suits your individual needs.

There is no long term contract, no small print – just great programs that work

James Rohrbach is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a dual degree in Finance and Management, Minor in Economics. Mr. Rohrbach is a former Investment Banker, serial entrepreneur, consultant, and trusted coach.

    • Coaches Training Institute (CTI)  – Fundamentals
    • Coaches Training Institute (CTI)  – Fulfillment
    • Narrative Coach – Certified Core & Enhanced Practitioner
    • Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach
    • A graduate of MIT Open CourseWare-Behavioral Economics
    • A graduate of MIT Open CourseWare-Customer behavior
    • Certified Facilitator Kauffman Foundation’s’ Fastrac programs
    • Certified Program Director for Kauffman Foundation’s’ Fastrac programs

James’s real strength is the strategic ability to open doors for others, serving as a conduit for new opportunities and growth by—connecting people and ideas -domestically, and globally.


Do you want to be in control of your business? Do you want more stable cash flows?  Do you want to proven methods and systems that leave you feeling organized and in control?

We offer coaching and advisory services for both operational and strategic issues. We have particular expertise in:

o  Valuation improvement
o  Succession planning
o  Strategic planning
o  Business advisory services
o  Performance management, and knowledge transfer
o  What the next step in your life might look like

Mr. Rohrbach has advised clients on key business decisions for over 25 years.   James is a former Investment Banker, serial entrepreneur, consultant, and Certified Value Builder ™.  James has held C level management positions in the Investment Banking, Software, Real Estate, and Financial Consulting industries.  James was the Founder and CEO of two software companies, the President and Co-founder of a Financial Advisory Firm serving high net worth individuals for five years and the CFO of a media company for three years.

Prior to relocating to South Florida James, was the COO of  a boutique Investment Bank and securities firm in Seattle WA.

Mr. Rohrbach advisees’ co-founders, and executives on crucial business decisions and guiding them on everything from business model generation, capital raising, pitching, sales, and business strategy.

Our first session is no charge. The session is designed to verify that we are a great fit to work together. Schedule by clicking right here.

We service startups and start overs, and business owners, in business for at least five years, with revenue in the $500K to $10 Million range.   Our solutions are customized to our clients wants and needs.

Our Fees

Group Team Sessions + Private Individual Sessions = Super Results.  

Team Benefits:

  • Increase the value of your business
  • Alignment of vision for all leadership and employees
  • Get your leadership team on the same page
  • Cultivate and negotiate strategic mindset and vision
  • Reduce conflicts and political infighting
  • Separate your business from your competition
  • Dominate your market
  • Make your business the apparent buyers’ choice
  • Develop compelling offers that build your brand
  • Manage personal and business relationships better
  • Command higher prices and generate greater profits
  • Receive your very own customized roadmap for success
  • Improve hiring and recruiting
  • Improve your sales process
  • Develop future partners and leaders
  • Plan for succession or exit

Magic often happens during these sessions. Participants work together in a manner to solve each other’s’ business challenges. Collaboration, trust, and teamwork are enhanced.

Individual Sessions  Team members meet for personal one-to-one coaching and strategy sessions, and here they receive valuable professional insight and mentorship, skill building to address any roadblocks or setbacks.  The coach encourages and support members’ personal and professional growth, and holds them accountable for acting on their goals.



James E. Rohrbach

Lets skip the back and forth, and connect at the best time for your schedule by clicking right here.


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