Due to the nature of Human Resources, outsourcing this service

can be the most cost effective method with the highest ROI.

Staff On Demand or Interim Project Work Examples:

  • Global Talent Mobility program – building cross border programs to fill capability gaps in key markets, promote knowledge sharing and individual development.

  • People Management and Influence – an experienced and certified CTA coach. Coaching Executive teams across different business sectors, different cultures with a well-practiced, emotionally Intelligent relaxed and collaborative style.

  • Project Management – leadership of wide variety of People-related projects. Creating and Facilitating learning programs that promote leadership and instill a global-branded culture.

  • Strategy – Experience in originating the scope and direction of business-focused people strategies and selling these ideas to a wide corporate audience.

  • Creating programs and multicultural leadership buy in that supports the employer brand; resulting in increased employee engagement, development, and retention.

  • Driving ambitious people strategies which realize the plans of the Board, that delivers organizational high performance and excellence, increased productivity, and revenue. 

  • Able to communicate and influence at all levels, partnering with senior business teams / leaders and leading HR project and generalist teams- with a flexible and pragmatic approach.

  • Project Management – leadership of wide variety of People-related projects. 

Ivette Hernández Rohrbach is the Executive Director of Global People and Culture Strategy for StartUp Miami. Ivette is bilingual in (English and Spanish).    Ivette has experience with large (over 40,000 employees) and small Venture backed firms.  Spanning 130 countries located throughout: LATAM, EMEA and APAC regions.   Solving strategic people issues for Accounting, Consulting and Tax Professional Service organization, United Airlines, and the United States Olympic Committee.  Ivette is a passionate HR leader who believes that at the heart of all successful organizations there is a global need for consistent strategic people practices.

Mrs. Rohrbach specializes in Strategic People and Culture matters in Talent Management, Global Mobility and Talent and Leadership Development.  She loves building teams and creating a culture where people can thrive and grow while delivering exceptional service to clients and improve organizational results. She can be reached via email at Ivette.Rohrbach@Startup-Miami. Or book a conversation by clicking here.