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FREE BOOK but there is one catch.

FREE BOOK but there is one catch.  I’m writing a book detailing the strategies I use to find $10,000 for any small business owner, and my publisher has asked me to include 10 additional case studies in my book.   I would ask those of you who take me up on my offer to allow me to document your results and use them in my book, either under your real name or anonymously.

If you’re interested in making an additional $10,000 beginning this month… and every month for the rest of your life as a business owner, hand me your business card… or write your name and phone number on a piece of paper… and we’ll schedule a meeting at your convenience.

I can find $10,000 in any business owner’s business in under 45 minutes.  I can help any business owner to instantly generate as many new leads as they can possibly handle..,  and do so WITHOUT spending a penny on marketing or advertising.   GUARANTEED.  Click here to learn how.

We can offer you a responsive outsourced customer managed services or you can do it your self.   Our methods and technologies are proven to grow your customer base, reduce sales costs and result in improved profits.   Free consultation click here to arrange your free appointment

Our methods improve sales and marketing metrics using proven Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  The result is better customer alignment, monetization, and increased lifetime value of your customers while reducing the cost of customer acquisition cost, or simply CAC.



Overall Benefits
▪ Increase lead volume and improve conversion ratios
▪ Grow your customers base
▪ Improve management metrics
▪ Lower lead costs and improve costs of sales
▪ Reduce sale people turnover and performance
▪ Improve workflow and data integration
▪ Improved lead and customer followup costs

There is rarely a one size fits all approach that works magic – let us tailer a solution that will work for you.  So we meet with you to understand your business and develop a cost effective program for your goals and budget. There is no charge for your initial business review.