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Coaching – Workshops and Classes

We are a business consultancy & venture catalyst serving the needs of technology entrepreneurs and investors.  We provide strategic thinking, due diligence, investment consulting and heavy lifting services all designed to capture developing opportunities while mitigating business risk.

Our goal is to always provide superior investment returns and wealth creation to our investors, co founders, co-creators and team members.

Specialties include developing relevant business strategies

  • Developing relevant business and technology strategies
  • Developing relevant business and revenue models
  • Fixed Price MVVVP (Minimum Viable Valuable Validated Product)
  • We educate using best of breed training methodologies
  • Market penetration and revenue growth strategies
  • Cultivate and negotiate strategic agreements
  • Manage client relationships and Client engagements
  • Create compelling investor presentations

We provide targeted business assistance to young firms at their earliest stages of development who aspire to start and grow sustainable businesses in South Florida.    All our programs are delivered using successful entrepreneurs and proven business leaders with domain experience relevant to your endeavor.  

Other service offerings

  1. Coaching & Direct business development
  2. Marketing and Communication Strategy
  3. Software Co-Creation Programs
  4. Education in Entrepreneurship & Lean Start Methods
  5. Kauffman Fastrac ® programs
  6. Venture Catalyst and Early Stage Capitalization
  7. Talent acquisition & recruiting service

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Team Coaching 

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