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Funny Sh*t Business People Say

When you're ready to leave the BS*t jargon behind and get real help and guidance. CLICK HERE https://youtu.be/MHg_M_zKA6Y I deliver guaranteed growth and coaching; to professional firms, entrepreneurs, and small business owners who are looking for a better way to live, grow and prosper. If you're sick and tired of sacrificing your personal health, relationships and or being a slave to...
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The “Gig Economy or The Creative Economy or What this means to you.

Who Are America’s Independent Workers? This shift in how and where and for whom, we work for has caused ripples in the very fabric of our society and corresponding changes to our very economic models. Some see this vast upheaval as being more important than the industrial revolution. For sure fortunes will be lost and made. This new Creative Economy, values Intellectual P...
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Safe Financing Documents

SAFE Financing Documents The SAFE  (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) is intended to replace convertible notes in most cases, and we think it addresses many of the problems with convertible notes while preserving their flexibility. In addition to being simpler and clearer, we think the intention for the safe is to remain fair to both investors and founders. In 2008, Y Combinator published a ...
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How do we help startups

WE'RE COACHES, STRATEGIC CONSULTANTS, AND BUSINESS BUILDERS. WE SERVE: CLOSELY HELD BUSINESSES, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FIRMS, BABY BOOMER ENCORE STARTUPS, AND TECHNOLOGY STARTUPS. We provide strategic thinking, due diligence, investment consulting and heavy lifting services all designed to capture developing opportunities while mitigating business risk.  We can  help in: business formati...
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