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How to get Started

(AIM™) for Accelerate – Incubate – Mentor.  We love working with talented entrepreneurs helping them define the right strategy, gain product acceptance and acceleration to market.  We help you find the resources you need to create your new business or take your existing business to a whole new level.

We do this by coaching, consulting, and investing in client companies.  By taking stock in your company our mutual goals are most faithfully aligned with the founders and management.   As your trusted business advisor we operate as a private conduit too necessary “just in time” business services, and access to capital.   Our client members have a greater-than-average chance of success competing in this global economy.

Every day we are here to pioneer and champion your company regardless of your stage of development.  We thrive on constructing something from scratch, creating the best product and services or revamping a failed strategy.  Building exciting disruptive technologies or methodologies, targeted at vast global markets is our raison d’être.

We constantly strive to improve access to capital, superior talent and accelerated business success for our client members.  We provide our clients’ top tier teams of professional consultants and advisors, standing by to assist you in building your dream.

Named (AIM™) for Accelerate – Incubate – Mentor.  Our flagship program is invitation only and is designed to champion the best of the best through each step of business formulation and launch.  Acceptance into the (AIM™) program comes with over $250,000 in cash and direct benefits to support building your dream.

Our mission is to create enduring, high-paying — clean technology jobs that contribute to Miami and improve U.S. global competitiveness.

When you are ready to start building your dream call us to find out how we might best help you.  305-Start Up  (305.782.7887) or send an email to: Info@StartUp-Miami.Com.