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I hope you will join me for Dr. David Drake’s 90 minute workshop called “Discover the Last Mile Technique.” In this live training, David is going to offer you insights into a more fluid, experiential  coaching process that you can use to uncover, understand and change what truly drives human behavior. Learn more here.

We focus on raising your business value, creating proven operating and reporting systems permitting more free time for owners and managers to work on the business instead of in the business.  We service professional firms, entrepreneurs, & fortune 2000 firms. Our solutions are customized to your own unique vision and goals.

Group Team Sessions + Private Individual Sessions = Super Results  Teams meet to discuss their most pressing challenges and opportunities with the entire team.  Your coach will hold the team accountable, help in prioritizing issues, and support the group in developing its own agenda and project plans.

Team Benefits:

  • Increase the value of your business
  • Alignment of vision for all leadership and employees
  • Get your leadership team on the same page
  • Cultivate and negotiate strategic mindset and vision
  • Reduce conflicts and political infighting
  • Separate your business from your competition
  • Dominate your market
  • Make your business the obvious buyers’ choice
  • Develop compelling offers that build your brand
  • Manage personal and business relationships better
  • Command higher prices and generate greater profits
  • Receive your very own customized roadmap for success
  • Improve hiring and recruiting
  • Improve your sales process
  • Develop future partners and leaders
  • Plan for succession or exit

Magic often happens during these sessions. Participants work together in a manner to solve each other’s’ business challenges. Collaboration, trust, and teamwork are enhanced.

Individual Sessions  Team members meet for individual one-to-one coaching and strategy sessions with the facilitator, here they receive valuable professional insight and mentorship, skill building to address any roadblocks or setbacks.   The coach encourages and support members’ personal and professional growth, and holds them accountable for acting on their goals.  Privacy and 100 % Discretion is stipulated when joining these sessions.

A typical meeting includes issues such as managing growth, finding, and retaining top talent, enhancing compensation groups, planning for succession or merger, dealing with health care costs, or developing retirement plans.

James is an entrepreneur and early-stage company investor, operator, and advisor with expertise in starting and building companies.   Advising, mentoring and investing in various start-ups, Mr. Rohrbach has advised on key business decisions and guiding founders as they build viable and sustainable companies.

James Rohrbach is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a dual degree in Finance and Management, Minor in Economics. Mr. Rohrbach is a former Investment Banker, serial entrepreneur, consultant, and executive coach.

  • A graduate of Narrative Coach – Core & Enhanced Practitioner
  • A graduate of Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches
  • A graduate of MIT Open CourseWare-Behavioral Economics
  • A graduate of MIT Open CourseWare-Customer behavior
  • Certified Facilitator Kauffman Foundation’s’ Fastrac programs
  • Certified Program Director for Kauffman Foundation’s’ Fastrac programs
  • Positive Intelligence student

James has held C level management positions in the Investment Banking, Technology, Real Estate, and Financial Consulting industries. James was the CEO of two software companies for eight years, the President and Co-founder of a Financial Advisory Firm serving high net worth individuals for five years and the CFO of a media company for three years.  Prior to relocating to South Florida James, was the COO of a boutique Investment Bank and securities firm in Seattle WA.

Mr. Rohrbach advisees’ co-founders on key business decisions and guiding them on everything from business model generation, capital raising, pitching, sales, and business strategy.  James is an entrepreneur and early-stage company investor, operator, and advisor with expertise in starting and building technology companies backed by angel investors and venture capital.

James is a Certified Facilitator and Program Director for Kauffman Foundation’s’ Fastrac programs. The Kauffman Foundation is a $2 billion foundation devoted to studying and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

James’s real strength is the strategic ability to open doors for others, serving as a conduit for new opportunities and growth by—connecting people and ideas -domestically, and globally.

Call James Rohrbach at 305 Startup (305-782-7887) to learn more.

Our first meeting is no charge. The meeting is designed to verify that your needs are in alignment with our service offerings and we are a great fit.



James Rohrbach



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